Built For Tough: Bulletproof R33 GTR

Although not making an insane amount of power (650HP)…..This JDM R33 GTR is literally bulletproof. And when I say bulletproof, I’m talking JUN pistons and rods and a balanced crankshaft capable of handling well over 800+HP. The rest of the car is well…..self explanatory with the help of some classic bronze TE37 linked up to Ohlins dampers to make for a simple but gorgeous exterior.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo g1_1.png

 photo g3_1.png

 photo g2_1.png

 photo g4_1.png

Simple and stunning.

 photo g5_1.png

 photo g6_1.png

 photo g7_1.png

Build RB26 powered but a gigantic Trust T88-33D turbocharger.

 photo g8_1.png

 photo g9_1.png

Lots of Defi gauges, Personal steering wheel and Bride Brix driver side bucket round out the majority of the interior.

 photo g10_1.png

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