That Mugenized S2K

When it comes to building a car, I’ve noticed there’s several very popular approaches and one of my favorites is what I like to call, the catalog car. What I mean by “catalog car” is that the builder tends to favor a few if not just one brand of parts throughout the whole car. Some people have mixed feelings on this type of build but if it’s tastefully done, I’m all for it. This past Sunday at the Wekfest Toy Drive I got a chance to snap a few shots of said catalog car and it’s absolute Mugen heaven.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

I’ve actually been following Hanzel’s build for quite a while, and his Mugen S2k is as clean as they come. This car is what I’d call a true catalog car cause I’m almost positive this thing has the full Mugen catalog in it, from the wheels to the aero, and to the engine bay and interior. Mugen. ALL Mugen.

I also like the semi-tuck job in the engine bay, gives it a real uniqueness compared to other Mugen builds.

That’s all for now folks! But stay posted for more coming up soon!

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