[Event Coverage] Wekfest pres. Charity Toy Drive 2014 ( Part 3 End )

Finally got to the rest of the photos from the Toy Drive, so take the time to check them out here! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive There were plenty of clean GTRs out that day such as this Battle Gray beauty. Super clean Hondas were out in full force that day... Couple of gorgeous Lexus flexing their stance... Continue Reading →

That Mugenized S2K

When it comes to building a car, I've noticed there's several very popular approaches and one of my favorites is what I like to call, the catalog car. What I mean by "catalog car" is that the builder tends to favor a few if not just one brand of parts throughout the whole car. Some... Continue Reading →

The OverBunny GTR

During my walk-around yesterday at the Wekfest Toy Drive, there were a handful of cars that really intrigued me and caught my attention. And because of this, I decided to take some time to really capture the full effect of the cars and dedicate individual posts on them. So, to start things off, I'm gonna... Continue Reading →

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