Escort Evo @ Attack Tsukuba 2019

Untouchable. That would be a word I’d use to describe Fire Ando’s Escort Evo IX. Of course, this would only apply at Attack Tsukuba where Under Suzuki’s Scorch Racing Silvia has been missing in action for quite some time now. With no real news on when the S15 will be ready again, the Escort Evo will most likely sit on top of the time sheets for the foreseeable future, and perhaps inching ever closer to the Scorch Silvia’s Tsukuba record.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Attack was the first time I got to lay eyes on the new livery and aero upgrades in the flesh and I think I’ve slowly warmed up to the new package on the car… I’m still on the fence about the rear section of the car but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the front end.

The aforementioned rear section of the car with the gigantic wing that stretches down to the rear bumper. And here I thought the Voltex Type 15 was crazy, this thing takes it up to a whole new level!

The front bumper has been smoothed out as compared to its Vivac days and the carbon splitter have also been upgraded to an even bigger, crazier unit.

Prepping for its final run of the day.

I had to make sure I got some shots of the car not in hovercraft mode.

800HP of 4G63 goodness.

Ando had set his sights on a 50.9xx lap for Attack 2019 but he only managed a best time of 51.119 for the day. Still, this was his personal best for the track and just a hair away from the elusive 50 second barrier. In due time, a 50 second pass will surely be in his grasp.

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