[FEATURE] A Revisit Of Chris Shuemake’s RHD WRX

It’s almost a travesty that I haven’t had any new material for the site the past couple of months but I’m looking to change all that in the latter part of the summer and through fall. In the meantime, I’ve been browsing through some old photos and decided that a lot of them needs some major re-editing, which leads me to this post of my buddy’s RHD Subaru WRX that I shot a few years ago. The photos are old and outdated, but the editing is fresh, so hope you guys enjoy!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

There’s not too many Subarus Stateside that I know of rocking the Mature front end if any…..

The profile looks pretty good with the C-West side skirts.

The TE37SL is quickly becoming a classic along with its predecessor, the TE37.

Right hand drive as advertised… Chris is a Subaru guru and everything you see that’s on the car is done by himself, from the STi dash swap, to the aero bits, and even the paint and polish…

Chris is pretty big on authenticity as well if you haven’t noticed already. Take that Varis rear spoiler for example, yeah it’s the rear deal.

And a couple more shots to wrap up this post.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Till next time!

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