A Tokyo Gem: Crystal Auto Japan

It’s been a slow couple of months for me as far as attending automotive events are concerned, so that means the site has been pretty quiet as well. I did attend a little NorCal 86 gathering about a week ago, but there wasn’t enough quality cars to justify a post about it… although I did post a few photos on my INSTAGRAM in case you guys want to check it out. As far as this post is concerned, I wanted to dive into the world of Japanese auto parts stores, but mainly focusing on one that’s probably not too familiar with most of you…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

So, I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the name Super Autobacs, which is arguably the most famous of all Japanese auto parts stores. It’s so famous to the point that there once were two U.S. locations in the heart of Southern California. However, their stay didn’t last long and they were gone before you knew it… back in Japan though, Super Autobacs is very much alive and doing quite well with about 600 locations scattered throughout the country. Super Autobacs pretty much carries everything you need or want for your car from the basics like air fresheners, to full on turbo kits and suspension products. So it’s easy to see why they’re so popular in Japan because they don’t just cater to “car guys” but to regular folks as well. In addition to Super Autobacs, there’s also another quite popular chain by the name of Up Garage. If you’re looking for some good bargains or discontinued items, this might be the perfect stop for you since they carry mainly second-hand products. Nevertheless, if you’re just a car enthusiast looking for parts for your car, I may have another suggestion for you, one that I think trumps both Super Autobacs and Up Garage…

The place I’m referring to is Crystal Auto Japan, located in Chiba, which is pretty much the outskirt of Tokyo. So, getting there does take a bit of an effort, but I can almost guarantee you that the trip is worth it. But……. just in case you’re not convinced a trip out here is worth it, know that Top Secret is just down the street… Do I have you attention now?

Back with the matter at hand though, as you can see from the photo above, great deals can be had at Crystal Auto Japan. A set of 20 inch TE37 Ultras can be had for just around $2,500 brand new… yeah, you can’t get that deal anywhere.

Aside from great deals on wheels, there’s also a lot of “essential” parts stocked up like steering wheels, and Bride seats, rails, and accessories among other things. These “other things” does include some pretty rare parts as you can see from the photos below…

So, that’s about all that I have on Crystal Auto Japan, I wish I had taken more photos of the store but I didn’t think I was gonna make a post on this. Nonetheless, I hope you guys do find this post somewhat informative and perhaps you can add this stop on your next Japan adventure!

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