Cocaine Supra

When it comes to modifying cars, a nice balance of performance and aesthetic is essential to a perfectly built car. I mean, who would want to build a car that can go fast but look shitty as hell and vice versa…nobody, especially true car enthusiasts. In many parts of the world, most notably in Japan, this notion of perfect balance within a modified car is strongly emphasized; case in point, this immaculate MKIV Supra from Global Auto Sales.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000 1_3.jpg

 photo pic0002 1_2.jpg

I gotta say, the MKIV Supras are absolutely timeless, especially with the perfect combination of aftermarket mods like this.

 photo pic0006 1_1.jpg

 photo pic0007 1.jpg

Totally loving the white TE37s on Brembo BBKs.

 photo pic0004_3.jpg

One of the finest booties around.

 photo pic0003 1_2.jpg

 photo pic0005 1_3.jpg

Some notable exterior mods on this Supra includes the Varis Ridox front end, the TRD Type R spoiler, and the Abflug rear diffuser just to name a few.

With the exterior looking so fresh and so clean, you know the engine bay is packing a big punch as well.

 photo pic0008 1_3.jpg

We’re talking 700 HPs thanks to fully built internals as well as a huge Greddy/Trust T88-34D turbine.

 photo pic0009_4.jpg

Interior is kept simple with all the necessary gauges to display engine vitals.


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