The Epitome of Clean: JDM R34 GTR

Here’s another beautiful GTR for sale through Osaka based dealer, Global Auto. This particular GTR looks especially clean with the help of subtle BBS LMs as the centerpiece of the exterior as well as Aragosta suspension to have the car sitting perfectly. Car is for sale at around 60K USD.

Photos via GLOBAL AUTO

 photo pic0000.jpg

 photo pic0002.jpg

This thing carries a hefty price due to the NUR Spec II designation.

 photo pic0001.jpg

 photo pic0003.jpg

 photo pic0005 1.jpg

My favorite angle of this car is probably the back quarter with the Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust showing.

 photo pic0006.jpg

LMs and huge Brembo BBKs makes for some nice footwork.

 photo pic0008.jpg

Under the hood is a twin HKS GT-SS powered RB26.

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