Mark II & SLs

I gotta say, the 1990 Toyota Mark II is not exactly a great looker from the factory, but with some tasteful modifications, I guess anything is possible. And here is a great example of a Mark II done right!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo p1_zps6igj0arx.jpg

TE37SLs can make any car look good! And that R32 GTR front lip is a pretty unique touch to this old timer.

 photo p6_zpsbztcthtu.jpg

 photo p7_zps1qgbskih.jpg

 photo p2_zps8849x6sd.jpg

SLs and R32 GTR calipers.

 photo p4_zps4ixacqu5.jpg

 photo p5_zpsxjzvcadr.jpg

It’s hard to beat the details of Rays products.

 photo p1 1_zpsnauppj5v.jpg

As far as interior goes, the front seats are upgraded to a pair of Bride Gias 2s.

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