Gold Rush: Top Secret R35 GTR

This is one of my personal favorite R35 GTR ever created…and it’s for sale…

Photos via Global Auto Sales

 photo pic0001_zpso0h0lj7s.jpg

Gorgeous Top Secret face.

 photo pic0002_zpsbxpkek1n.jpg

 photo pic0000_zpsu4en9ecx.jpg

All yours for around 80K American.

 photo pic0003_zpsi6usl9lr.jpg

 photo pic0005_zpsffeal15y.jpg

The full Top Secret kit is one of my favorite for the R35, probably better than the Liberty Walk variant.

 photo pic0004_zpsillrvxe1.jpg

Dat ass though.

 photo pic0006_zpskju2btud.jpg

 photo pic0007_zpsv7mjmbku.jpg

Enkei GTC01 in 20×10.5 +18 sizing wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE070R.

 photo pic0008_zpscyotrxgn.jpg

Top Secret 700HP setup.

 photo pic0009_zps2zflglba.jpg

 photo pic0010_zpstjeomdaf.jpg

Simple interior with Recaro ASM bucket and recliner.

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