The Sexiest Euro R

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a witty title for this post, so I just went with a straight forward one… Anyways, I’ve posted this CL9 a few times before but it’s added a few subtle goodies, so I thought to share it here once more..

Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR

 photo 21452276320_2d5495d04b_k_zpsapktwzgx.jpg

J’s Racing is always awesome on any car.

 photo 21614144216_1b9a3a094e_k_zps7v5muwm7.jpg

 photo 21452515018_74d940f5bd_k_zpsiigae77q.jpg

Back end looking sexy as hell also with the Voltex rear diffuser, and what looks like a molded Tamon spoiler…

 photo 21628887522_3661078fc9_k_zpsuio0o0km.jpg

Can’t go wrong with TE37s.

 photo 21649316781_52ec1ea4d1_k_zps1pj0umry.jpg

One more with an equally sexy friend.

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