Classic J’s

Being a former S2000 owner myself, I’ve pretty much seen every exterior mod possible for the car and the J’s Racing Type S kit still remains one of my favorite of all time. Of course, this particular S is only rocking the Type S front end along with other J’s racing goodies like the hood and rear spoiler.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo p1 2_zpsn9ecdrzy.jpg

 photo p2_zpsy0g1ppqy.jpg

Enkei RPF1s are always welcoming sight on any car.

 photo p5_zps74vhzz11.jpg

 photo p5_zps74vhzz11.jpg

 photo p7_zpsozsopr3w.jpg

J’s spoiler with custom 290mm wing stands.

 photo p8 1_zpsj5gmlulx.jpg

Nice looking booty!

 photo p3_zpsqe5kxfe0.jpg

Top down look > ALL.

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