Straight Outta Japan: 600 HP Midnight Purple GTR

As cliché a title this is, I thought it was appropriate for one of Japan’s finest automotive creation, the R34 GTR. This pristine Midnight Purple example is one of the latest offering that’s up for grabs through Global Auto, and this thing is packing some heat! Not only is the Midnight Purple version limited to only 300 units, this particular car is pushing 600+HP courtesy of HKS/Tomei internals and a Trust T78-29D snail…of course, with the built motor, this monster can easily achieve higher power potential through the use of a larger turbine.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo g3_zpsfeorcwna.png

 photo g1_zpsqtppzzfb.png

Midnight Purple on Pressed Double Black TE37SLs is pretty fucking perfect.

 photo g2_zpse43kgbp1.png

 photo g7_zpsgf5hduvs.png

 photo g4_zps0seutjgm.png

HKS Hipermax coils keeps the car planted nicely.

 photo g5_zpsgiwkcg5d.png

 photo g6_zpsqqqdmeqk.png

 photo g8_zps8up6ukpn.png

 photo g9_zpspdj5setd.png

600 HP of 2.7L RB looks something like this…

 photo g10_zpshssnzdct.png

But of course, Greddy/Trust gauges are essential for a setup like this.

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