R33 Perfection!

Considering the R33 is nearly 20 years old, most GTR versions are still kept in absolute mint condition, such as this immaculate Midnight Purple example. This gorgeous GTR is spot on as far as modifications go. On the exterior and footwork department, this GTR is kept simple and functional with a Trust front lip and a combo of gigantic Endless BBKs and Enkei NT03s. But what makes this GTR special, along with many other GTRs is what lies under the bonnet.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo purp1_zps52gbzlfd.png

The Trust lip spoiler sets the front end off real nicely.

 photo purp2_zpsgoj8lq2p.png

The late model year projectors also gives the car a nice refreshed look.

 photo purp4_zps3ssb15sk.png

 photo purp3_zpsy8fawv2m.png

 photo purp5_zpsow7vahbz.png

 photo purp6_zpsnfypr3st.png

Definitely my favorite aspect of this car…….The Endless BBKs and NT03s is a perfect match.

 photo purp7_zpsnkdbf29d.png

But like I said earlier, the main attraction of any GTR is the engine, and this one is no slouch. This R33 is actually running a R34 spec N1 motor that is fully built and stroked to 2.7L with force induction courtesy of twin Trust T517Z turbines. Power output is north of 600… not too shabby for a street car to say the least.

 photo purp8_zpsn35n9rbc.png

 photo purp9_zpsipdfkvay.png

Interior, like the rest of the car, is kept clean and functional as well.

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