Papa Smurf

Here’s another car I got a few shots of from last weekend, also my second favorite Supra at the meet behind the one from my previous post.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo smurf_zpsomcv4ne7.jpg

The Ridox front end was a very popular choice among the Supra owners, and for good reason….. It looks damn good!

 photo smurf2_zpsfixtra9h.jpg

 photo smurf3_zpsfby7oz1b.jpg

TRD wing and Top Secret rear diffuser rounds out the rear end quite nicely.

 photo smurf4_zpskcpdnsqf.jpg

 photo smurf5_zps0xefrnde.jpg

Footwork courtesy of a set of classic Volk Racing SE37.

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