Goin’ Wingless

I’ve been so busy these days that I’m falling behind on my posts, but here’s another car that I had a chance to pay special attention to last weekend. I saw this beautiful wingless Supra parked all by itself, so I took the opportunity to snap some detailed photos of it.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo supra1_zpsebsgv5u8.jpg

The Varis Ridox front end is one of my favorite for the Supra.

 photo mk4_zps01mlpvju.jpg

 photo supra2_zpsm2brrnzl.jpg

 photo supra6_zpsnle7v1yx.jpg

Everything works so well together on this MKIV.

 photo supra4_zpscogu5bmi.jpg

A lot of people actually prefer the wingless look, and I couldn’t agree more.

 photo supra3_zpsoiexqs4q.jpg

Flossin’ that gorgeous booty with that Top Secret diffuser.

 photo supra7_zpswjvuqbto.jpg

 photo supra5_zpshkfpeis6.jpg

 photo supra8_zpso0r3xqv4.jpg

Love the HRE 560C and vortex generators.

Got one more post from C&C SF so stay tuned for more!

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