The Silver Lining: 800HP R33 GTR

I can probably speak for the majority of the car community and say that the R33 GTR is probably the least favorite Skyline among us car enthusiasts. But, with some proper aftermarket help, the chunky R33 can be just as formidable as its brethrens.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo g1_zpsk0evbvxf.png

This R33 is a fine example of exactly what I’m talking about.

 photo g2_zpstbjcnbdd.png

Exterior wise, it’s got just the right amount of flair to give it that aggressive look thanks to the Auto Select treatment up front.

 photo g3_zpsfs20ybzo.png

 photo g6_zpsbdxus18v.png

Them classic bronze Volk Racing TE37 always makes a statement with any car.

 photo g4_zps2pruflhr.png

 photo g5_zpsqj5xhaba.png

The rest of the car is kept relatively simple as far as exterior is concerned.

 photo g7_zpsrycednzw.png

The real treat of this car is under the bonnet of course. We’re talking N1 block and Tomei internals stroked to 2.7L, and a Trust (Greddy) T88-34D turbocharger capable of 800+HPs. That’s enough ponies to move any car!

 photo g8_zps3mzjjvjf.png

 photo g9_zpslty7iy37.png

Interior wise, it’s rockin’ dual Recaro SR3 recliners, HKS and Blitz electronics, and a MOMO Jet steering wheel among other tidbits.

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