Studie.AG M4

Ever since the F82 M4 came out I’ve been in love! And even with such a new platform, there’s been a host of nicely modded examples throughout the world. One of these examples is this Studie.AG built M4 from Japan!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo b1_zpsngy6mt9x.jpg

 photo b3_zps2jnyhqzo.jpg

Gorgeous Hyper Forged wheels sets this M4 off nicely.

 photo b6_zpsijswrcx3.jpg

 photo b2_zps68k9phe5.jpg

Lovin’ the carbon treatment as well.

 photo b4_zpsy8ym0ri2.jpg

 photo b5_zpsfxjfsr2q.jpg

Rounding out the rear is an Eisenmann exhaust system.

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