JDM Theory: 2.7L R34 GTR

So I’ve been browsing the web for some Wekfest Japan coverage and I must say that I’m less impressed with what the Japanese tuning scene has to offer these days. It’s almost if they are turning into their American counterparts with the saturation of nothing but stanced out vehicles. You may call me old school, but I’m not all about that stanced life, especially when it comes to Japanese tuning. For me, I always feel like the Japanese way of tuning cars is with class and functionality at the forefront but I guess times have changed. However, that doesn’t mean function AND form is in the history books, cause they’re still plenty of fine examples of old school Japanese tuning…

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo bb1_zpsxs7u8jy3.png

Others prefer stance, I prefer looks and function.

 photo bb2_zpsmydhbndq.png

Nismo exterior is always a nice touch to any GTR.

 photo bb3_zpssvhy8jug.png

 photo bb4_zpsdcstga0w.png

I LOVE this simple exterior with Nismo pieces and Volk Racing TE37SL 2012 Limited.

 photo bb5_zpsorodzprn.png

 photo bb6_zpsyhdozc7x.png

My favorite view of this car has got to be the back quarter shot. Simply perfect ❤

 photo bb7_zps6aieyjrb.png

 photo bb9_zpsia5nwx2w.png

TE37SL Limited over Trust Grex BBKs is one way to achieve proper footwork.

 photo bb8_zpszwgf7aws.png

 photo bb10_zpswhc4mxwi.png

Under the hood is a bored out RB26 to 2.7L thanks to some internal work courtesy of tuning shop ATTKD!

 photo bb11_zpscexn8wrm.png

A relatively mild 550HP is achieved thanks to HKS GT-SS turbochargers, and HKS/ATTKD cooling components.

 photo bb12_zpscqsjfky1.png

Interior is very straight forward with a roll cage as well as Recaro SP-G driver side bucket and Recaro SR III recliner for the passenger.

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