Blackish: HKS Kansai GT800 R35 GTR

It’s another gorgeous HKS Kansai Service vehicle. This time it’s a R35 GTR equipped with their HKS GT800 turbine kit along with HKS internals for maximum power and efficiency. Other notable parts on this car’s extensive list include WALD, Top Secret, and Zele exterior pieces, those gloss black Advan GTs, and a host of Kansai Service bits and pieces.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo g1.png

Lots of carbon aesthetics adorn this GTR like that Top Secret bonnet.

 photo g2.png

 photo g3.png

Black on black looks fuckin’ boss.

 photo g4.png

WALD makes that rear quarter look amazing!

 photo g5.png

 photo g7.png

All about those Advan GTs! 20×10 +35 Fr, 20×11 +15 Rr.

 photo g8.png

 photo g6.png

 photo g9.png


 photo g10.png

Recaro SR7 Advanced Edition x Takata harnesses round out the interior.

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