Wild and Crazy: Route KS NSX

With the new NSX on the horizon, it’s pretty crazy to think that this iconic line of Japanese sports car has been around for over two decades. But yet, little has changed in the years previous to the new generation of NSXes, that’s 20+ years of the same body lines and a relatively same motor, something that’s pretty much unheard of as far as automobiles are concerned. This goes to show just how advance and timeless the NSX truly is, and with some aftermarket support, the possibilities are endless…

Over the years I’ve seen some really great aftermarket support pop up for the NSX, both in Japan and the Stateside. Of course, personally, I prefer the Japanese side of things because they know how to accentuate the NSX like no other. One of my personal favorite manufacturers is definitely Route KS. Why? Cause they offer BOTH aggressiveness (pictured below) or smooth and elegant (Madonna) and having a choice of either is always a plus!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo nsx1.png

The Route KS Hornet front bumper is as aggressive as they come…

 photo 3.png

 photo 2.png

Although I did title this post “Route KS NSX”, this exterior is actually a mixture of Route KS, Marga Hills, IMPACT, and genuine Type R pieces.

 photo 4.png

 photo 5.png

 photo 6.png

What we have here is a Route KS front bumper, Marga Hills side step and rear bumper, along with IMPACT wide fenders.

 photo 7.png

A gigantic Route KS rear GT wing and rear diffuser sets the back side off as aggressive as can be.

 photo 8.png

 photo 9.png

 photo 10.png

That Esprit full titanium exhaust means serious business!!

 photo 12.png

 photo 11.png

BBS LMs with Honda center caps round out the exterior quite nicely.

 photo 13.png

The engine bay is left relatively subtle.

 photo 14.png

Recaro driver side bucket and passenger side recliner highlights the interior.

 photo 15.png

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