ASM x J’s Racing = Mind Blown.

When it comes to cars, sometimes one is just not enough. The owner of the yellow, turbocharged, 510whp J’s Racing S2k decided he needed a nice daily driver, because as we all know, 500+ hps is not exactly daily driven friendly. So, for this task, he decided to get himself another S2k! This one, a more milder, supercharged variation, but equally as ballin’ with a host of ASM goodies. It’s a bit sad to see the ASM’d S2k go to a new owner though since I’m friends with the previous owner, but seeing these two cars together as one is just mind-blowing…

Photos by Jimmy Hilton

One thought on “ASM x J’s Racing = Mind Blown.

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  1. Just wondering why you are using my photos of my friends cars? Do ou know him by chance? If you do I’m sorry but I’m a bit curious to why you would copy and paste my photography to your blog.

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