J. Tran’s S2k Resurrection [Teaser]

Yup, it’s Johnny Tran…with $100k under the hood…..lol. jk…about the 100k part, but not the Johnny Tran part lol.

So, my buddy J. Tran has had his S2000 for quite awhile now, and it has gone through a few phases of modifications, just like many enthusiasts out there do to their rides. Then, accident struck, but instead of just giving up on the car, he decided, it was time for a change. And boy was it a BIG change. Wasting no time, he got (overnight parts from Japan) coming in LOL…had to put a little Fast and the Furious in here…and after a few months, came the BEST phase of his car…hands down.

I’ll let you be the judge…

These are just teasers as the photos from the full shoot are being edited.



Johnny Tran himself, pumping that fail ass California gas…

5 thoughts on “J. Tran’s S2k Resurrection [Teaser]

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  1. HOLY SHIT! ! ! ! ! ! That is HOTNESS!!!!!!!!! Wheel choice is spot on.

    Why no Super Taikyu front bumper though?

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