MoMo Hits Up ASM Autobacs Yokohama (2020 Edition)

I didn't really plan on visiting ASM earlier this year but me and the girlfriend was in the area for the Cup Noodle Museum, so I decided we should swing by just to check it out. The last time I visited ASM was way back in October of 2017, so it's definitely been a minute.... Continue Reading →

Attack Maximum Challenge 2018: Autobacs ASM S2000

The myth, the legend, the icon, whatever you want to call it, the Autobacs ASM Yokohama S2000 is undoubtedly the holy grail of S2000s and it was a pleasure to see it competing at Tsukuba once again. I've personally seen the car a couple of times at ASM HQ out in Yokohama, but seeing it... Continue Reading →


There are cars out there that just seems pretty basic and simple at a quick glance, but when you take a more detailed look into the vehicle, there is actually a lot of work that's put into it. Take this S2000 for example, it seems like a regular stock-bodied car, but upon closer inspection, you... Continue Reading →

J. Tran’s S2k Resurrection [Teaser]

Yup, it's Johnny Tran...with $100k under the jk...about the 100k part, but not the Johnny Tran part lol. So, my buddy J. Tran has had his S2000 for quite awhile now, and it has gone through a few phases of modifications, just like many enthusiasts out there do to their rides. Then, accident struck,... Continue Reading →

Aggressively Proper

This is by far one of my favorite S2000s that I have ever laid eyes on. I just love how all the parts just seem to go together, and those And it's Canadian O.o Bonus... Pretty well made/edited video. CHECK IT.

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