S2000+BBS LM…..Timeless..

Another S2000 on my blog.....surprise surprise! lol. But this one is rocking some BBS LM..(one of my favorite wheel of all time) so I gotta get it props. This car is nothing over the top, just a very subtle, clean look. The Mugen hardtop, OEM front lip and drop finish this car off very nicely.

Stanced STI

This is one of my favorite stock bodied STI mostly due to the wheel fitments that this car sees. It has been through a set of 18x10.5 CE28n, 18x9.5 Enkei NT-03, and now 18x10 Work XD-9.

J.Tran’s S2k Resurrection

So, I made a trip down to Socal this past weekend, and finally got a chance to shoot my buddy John's fitted S2k. First thing that catches my eyes is that tall ass J's Racing wing, you would think this thing can fly lol. I love how everything else flows nicely together as well, from... Continue Reading →

Spocom 2010: Long Beach

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go to Spocom this year, but here's some coverage I found of the event. Click below for more coverage. More coverage: HERE

Hottie: Misa Campo

You all know who it is, so don't really need any introduction.....any hotties section would be incomplete without Misa Campo. So, here's a few new photos for Babe Blvd by Steve Bitanga. ENJOY.

Flat Black Goodness

I love Evos.....I love Voltex.....I love widebody.....I love gold.....I love flat black.....I love Advan......needless to say, I love this car.

Hottie: Pinky Tang

So, I decided to spice things up a bit with a little 'hottie' post every once in awhile. Let me know if you like this idea 😉 Keeping it automotive related, you can find more of Pinky Tang in this month's issue of DSport Mag.

White Knight

Saw this super clean CLK63 Black Series while browsing online and I had to post it up. Black wheels on white cars has got to be my favorite combo ever. A little group shot with AMG siblings..

[NEW] Ferrari 599 GTO

Here's a review by Autocar of the brand new 661bhp Ferrari 599 GTO. The most powerful Ferrari ever built. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!!! PUT IT ON FULL BLAST!

Sick S

This is one of the very few S2000s rocking the Mugen Half Lip, and probably the only one that I've seen that can pull off this front lip. The deep dish Mag Blue wheels also enhances the look of this S.


Super Veloce Racing's Lamborghini LP5.....uhh.....I mean Ferrari F4.....wait......WTF is this shit!!?????? Yeah...this is not working for me.....it's a Ferrari trying too hard to be a Lambo.....shit just don't go...

Mix N’ Match

This is a prime example of making multiple aftermarket brands work. This S2000.....yes.....surprise, surprise..another S2k in my blog lol...has a mixture of parts from different manufacturers that flows very well. From the J's Racing front bumper and side skirts, to the Mugen hardtop, the ASM style rear bumper, to the Spoon rear diffuser. Everything on... Continue Reading →

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