So, Lexus came out with a new commercial for the LF-A.....to test out at what speed the car's exhaust note is loud enough to break a champagne flute!! I'd say...about 180mph? lol... TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP!

The X-Factor

HKS is on top once again at Tsukuba when their Evo X hit a 57.261 to claim the title of the fastest Evo X around Tsukuba.


Varis/G-Force Evo X is probably the sexiest Evo X that I have ever seen.....and WAS the fastest X around Tsukuba for a short while...(fastest is in the next blog entry). Not only does it have the looks, but it's also packing some heat...powered by a stroked 2.2L 4B11 and an HKS GT3240 turbo, this Evo... Continue Reading →

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