[NEW] WedsSport SA-60m NEW COLORS!

WedsSport is coming out with some sick wheels lately. Here are some new colors for the SA-60m. I'll take that Black Red Machining finish any day! YUM Black Red Machining (BRM) Black Blue Machining (BBM) Matte Black Machining (MBM) Matte Grey Machining (MGM)

AWD Street Scraper

People have different preferences when it comes to ride height. There's the leave it as-is stock height; then there's the mild drops; followed by the 1 and 2 finger gap drops; then comes the slammed drops; and the 'on its nuts' drops; and finally, the 'scraper' drops. I and my friends usually refer to the... Continue Reading →

The Simple Flushness

Sometimes the right stance and wheels really sets off a relatively stock car. I know a lot of people are not into the whole Hella Flush craze, but I, for the most part, am. The SSR Viennas really sets off this S2000. Photos by: S. Dobbins Photography

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