[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 5]

Continuing right along from my last post, it looks like I have a few more photos to go through so part 6 is gonna be in the works. In the mean time, check out this part for some more Wekfest eye candy!

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo fd2_zpsuxkzdqee.jpg

Starting the post off with this sexy J’s Racing FD2 from the Inspire guys.

 photo evileye_zpsxyh6avdz.jpg

 photo racex_zpsfsixjcs0.jpg

Evil X on TE37RTs.

 photo redfrs_zpsf16nog9p.jpg

Another Rocket Bunny FRS.

 photo voltex9_zpsuh9bri96.jpg

This Voltex Evo is one of the staples of nearly all Bay Area shows.

 photo silversti_zpsowl7qg8s.jpg

 photo silversti2_zpswea7iwz5.jpg

The Inspire guys had a ton of cars out including this Karlton-flared STi.

 photo newis_zpsglgseiqx.jpg

Lexus IS with Lexon goodies slammed on Airrex suspension.

 photo hondas_zpsobkydcgt.jpg

Clean Acuras and Hondas were bountiful.

 photo osakajdm_zpscwqff2t1.jpg

 photo bseries_zpsgj0t0rvu.jpg

The Osaka JDM EF was on of the cleanest in the show.

 photo blu_zpsqiz8aa0n.jpg

 photo evowheels_zpsvmdiwgnb.jpg

Evo x SSR Wheels x 326 Power.

 photo cwest_zpsesznnmcp.jpg

 photo delsol_zpsltgzuwn2.jpg

Seen these two in previous shows; love them both, respectively.

 photo bluesubie_zpszgvaz1lr.jpg

GRB on Work D9R.

 photo ducati_zpsdkbi5kh6.jpg

I LOVE Ducatis.

 photo 180sx_zpsrboxnwe1.jpg

Rocket Bunny 180sx looking fabulous.

 photo 458_zpswjireox5.jpg

Went from a Rocket Bunny/Overtake GTR to a 458 on Advan GT……not bad at all.

 photo bests14_zps3a0bznei.jpg

This is hands down one of the cleanest S14 ever built.

 photo e46m3_zpsdixh6ntx.jpg

E46 M3 on Mag Blue TE37.

 photo gs_zpsr9jrzfjd.jpg

2JZ’d GS on this month’s Super Street cover!

 photo itr_zpswvavnypg.jpg

Super super clean ITR at the Chronicles booth.

 photo blkm4_zpsa136j5yr.jpg

And…..finishing off this post with the West Collective guys from Socal starting with Thanh Le’s 4-Series on TE37SLs.

 photo stancena1_zpsdjsl7wt9.jpg

NSX dropped perfectly on CE28s.

 photo westrsx_zpsfsbwlcgq.jpg

Another perfectly executed car from West Collective in this gorgeous DC5.

 photo mugenep_zpsvvmuwgqp.jpg

 photo ep3_zpssknicgy8.jpg

 photo te37sl_zpsjvojakhs.jpg

And ending this post with the long forgotten Civic in the EP3, although this Mugen example represents the few that are clean as fuck!

Stay tuned for one more post on Wekfest SJ!!!

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