2017 World Time Attack Challenge [Event Coverage Day One Part 3]

Legends never die. This point was evident during WTAC this year when spectators were treated to the sights and sounds of the JGTC RE Amemiya RX7, the Unisia Jecs Silvia S15, and the incredible Mazda 767B. These three alone commanded some of the biggest crowds during the two day event, and when these cars were on the track, everyone and their mothers stopped what they were doing to gander at these beasts in action. With that said, let’s take a quick peek at each of these cars…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

This section was always crowded and it should be.

The legend in all its glory, with a team of surprisingly chill and laid back Japanese guys. These guys were some of the most enthusiastic people I saw at the event, and they loved taking photos… even selfies.

The Unisia Jecs Corp. livery brings back memories of the Gran Turismo days.

It was pretty epic to see the three of them together…

I was fortunate to get some one on one time with the RE Amemiya RX7 later on towards the day which made for some better photo opportunities with no crowd and near perfect lighting…

So, this about sums up this post, it’s a little shorter than the rest and I wanted to post some pit lane action as well but I tried to group those together separately so I don’t lose track or misplace any photos. Besides, these cars deserve their own post anyways… I also have some clips of these cars in action but they’ll probably be going on my Instagram or Facebook page, so be on the look out on my social media pages.

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