Classic J’S2k

With the recent influx of super low offsets and extra flashy wide bodies, it’s kinda refreshing to see that some people still stick to what I like to call, the benchmark of Japanese tuning. What I mean by this term is the notion of going a more functioning route as far as modifying a car is concern, the likes of this J’s racing S2000 for example.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 2218045_zpsjtfcvxug.jpg

 photo 2218048_zpsg1ndlmys.jpg

Several years ago, this would’ve been what most S2000 owners would be striving for.

 photo 2218040_zpsmhsmjeku.jpg

 photo 2218043_zpsbfbipnct.jpg

Type-S Version II.

 photo 2218067_zpsgo7ctbp1.jpg

Those SSR Type Fs match nicely with the J’s Racing kit.

 photo 2218049_zpswvsm3qgy.jpg

Of course a J’s GT wing is appropriate for this car.

 photo 2218041_zpsclvwnpeq.jpg

 photo 2218066_zpsjlwutoyy.jpg

To be honest, this is my type of S2000. No flashy low offset wheels and crazy custom wide fenders and such. Just simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.


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