Killer GTR

It’s hard to believe that the R34 GTR is close to approaching 20 years old in just a few years. Still, with 276+ HP from the factory and an advance AWD system, this car has remained a tuner’s go-to platform in Japan and around the world til this day. To me, one of the greatest thing about the GTR is how mod-friendly the car is, and because of this attribute, this platform can produce some amazing builds such as this fine example.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000_6.jpg

 photo pic0002_6.jpg

The front of this GTR is adorn with a host of Auto Select goodies.

 photo pic0006_7.jpg

Endless BBK and Volk TE37 is the classic of classics.

 photo pic0005_6.jpg

 photo pic0003_7.jpg

 photo pic0004_4.jpg

Along with the front of the car, the back end of this beast is just as aggressive.

 photo pic0008_6.jpg

Like most GTRs, the icing lies under the hood, and in this case, a 630+ HP HKS T04Z powered RB26!

 photo pic0009_6.jpg

The only subtle part of this car is probably the interior which has a few essentials such as the MOMO steering wheel and a Recaro SPG-III driver side bucket.


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