Street Spec Active Red GTR

Yet another beautiful offering from Global Auto is up for grabs, this time it’s a gorgeous Active Red R34 GTR equipped with 500HP and a bunch of tasteful aesthetic parts.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000_1.jpg

 photo pic0002_1.jpg

One of my favorite aspect of this car is the Z-Tune transformation on a rare red bodied example.

 photo pic0006_1.jpg

Of course, TE37SLs are staples on many fine builds around the world.

 photo pic0005.jpg

 photo pic0003_1.jpg

Beautiful add-ons are scattered throughout the car which included a Mine’s lip spoiler towards the rear end.

 photo pic0004.jpg

A ballin’ piece of Powerhouse Amuse exhaust finishes off the back side quite nicely.

 photo pic0009.jpg

 photo pic0010.jpg

Interior is kept clean and tidy with a Sparco steering wheel as well as a pair of Recaro RS-G SK2 buckets.

 photo pic0008_1.jpg

And finally, power is provided by twin Trust T517Z turbochargers as well as supporting mods like Tomei Cams and Camshafts.

All this for a cool 55K USD…..

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