Shizuoka Seven Day

One of these days, I really gotta just pack up my bags and head to Japan for a few years to really indulge in their car scene. I mean, the quality of their cars are just top notch and their events and meets are just so much more interesting than the American stuff I’m used to.

Photos via MINKARA

I think my favorite type of meets are the model specific ones like R’s Meeting and Seven Days!

 photo 41d3010b89_zpstmzuweda.jpg

 photo 437bc5e1cb_zpsijyv2hjg.jpg

Love this Car Shop Glow built FD.

 photo 92f358bc7e_zps45vo95zl.jpg

 photo e45eaadf8c_zpsavbhfhjz.jpg

RE Amemiya FD on Volk G25.

 photo a06aaf9cef_zpsgje9qx1s.jpg

 photo 64baa38bd9_zpsqp2vzdor.jpg

 photo 822b901f7a_zpsbntg33xm.jpg

FDs everywhere from R-Magic, Weber Sports, and C-West.

 photo 076e696f8d_zpsthav1wmz.jpg

 photo 43bfdd663e_zpshl8pyzgh.jpg

 photo 1f90b08e48_zpsksarrt6o.jpg

 photo 6afbca0198_zpsnd8rimep.jpg

Of course, RE Amemiya FDs are still the majority.

 photo 1ebca5d192_zpshiwxwv4r.jpg

 photo 12c8e22b18_zpsthxe8ps0.jpg

 photo 7e71d4519c_zpsf2xhuera.jpg

A few bright FDs including a Veilside Fortune example.

 photo 0b2ff1c63d_zpsqymj1ij6.jpg

 photo 1c36657963_zpsaoyauj1o.jpg

 photo c8a67f8159_zpshop21a7f.jpg

More RE FDs!

 photo ce6297e8d6_zpscqtuqzes.jpg

 photo 4afb67ef7d_zps0vsprqpo.jpg

Couple of on grid shots.

 photo 9f11470755_zpsg7jesdzk.jpg

 photo 788dfdc599_zps9ji9yzdb.jpg

Can’t forget the FCs and the old timer!

 photo 7f1f7b1f35_zpsbc82ktbg.jpg

 photo 22c4e6a9d3_zpsmhmpnuod.jpg

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