[Event Coverage] Cars & Coffee SF 9/5/15 [Part 2]

Almost two weeks later, finally getting the rest of the Cars & Coffee SF shots up. I think I took more shots of the imports there compared to exotics because honestly, modified imports are a lot more interesting to me than stock Ferraris, Porsches, etc.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo c1_zpsfyoztytv.jpg

First up; a clean Kouki on Yoshihara Wheels.

 photo c3_zpsvz6u3x0x.jpg

 photo c4_zpskdf7q4yg.jpg

Loved this modified C63 AMG.

 photo c2_zpsgettjkpg.jpg

E92 M3 on TE37SL.

 photo c5_zpsban7ttir.jpg

Caught this Rolls as it was leaving the venue.

 photo c6_zpsmzpfeo4l.jpg

Audi RS4 looking fabulous.

 photo c7_zpsfxka5iaj.jpg

 photo c8_zps1ryyoamx.jpg

Couple of my favorite Vipers among a group of 20 or so… they were rolling deep!

 photo c12_zpssolvcjwg.jpg

 photo c11_zpsszhgbveg.jpg

 photo c13_zpsdojtfsgn.jpg

Couple of Fords, old and new.

 photo c10_zpsilk09qjk.jpg

Another look at this beautiful R35 GTR.

 photo c9_zpskfbmvdjg.jpg

Hyper Blue SLs on the Voltex Evo.

 photo c14_zpszfksczze.jpg

Another American icon.

 photo c17_zpst6qspvqw.jpg

Alfa Romeo C4.

 photo c16_zpszeaxvqcv.jpg

Found another use for the Porsche boot space.

 photo c15_zpsmfqci6d3.jpg

I’ve been appreciating the classic Ferraris more and more these days.

 photo c19_zpsweommced.jpg

This was a pleasant sight! R33 GTR on WedsSport SA55M.

 photo c20_zpsmp7m5n7m.jpg

 photo c18_zpsowyjsoqh.jpg

 photo c23_zpslfbmy93i.jpg

 photo c22_zpsyginsyk7.jpg

 photo c27_zpsmtgwsky1.jpg

 photo c28_zpsslpvadku.jpg


 photo c25_zps7avbin8x.jpg

 photo c26_zps4vgkijad.jpg

VIPs in old and new variation.

 photo c21_zpsxscimzuo.jpg

This was perfect.

 photo c24_zpsj0wgx3z7.jpg

And finally, one more look at big TED chillin’ in the Evo.

Thanks for checking out the coverage guys! Until next time!

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