Fit On Fleek

I haven’t really seen too many nicely modified new generation Fits, but they’re always out there like this beautiful example from Wekfest Japan! I absolutely love the fitment of the Work Seeker EX against the perfect wide fenders, and that dual titanium tipped exhaust looks pretty cool coming out the back end.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 17401342679_829e25460d_k_zps9cdwrxlo.jpg

 photo 17399871148_44f1910c93_k_zps7thltk0i.jpg

 photo 17585376932_6b0ab32497_k_zps7sklqs8q.jpg

 photo 17561360046_a7c8186219_k_zpsrm7zfkbr.jpg

 photo 16965132634_f30c4c3757_k_zpsqihdjwj4.jpg

The Work Seeker EX looks perfect on this Fit.

 photo 16967390753_897c211c18_k_zpsyf9cvvss.jpg

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