BMW Cup @ Fuji Speedway

Another weekend, another cool ass event……in Japan that is. I’m talkin’ bout the BMW Cup at Fuji Speedway! Now, when I say BMW Cup, I mean some track ready German machines! Minis included!

Photos via MINKARA <——— Make sure to click the link for more!

 photo 230708_zpsrgvtionj.jpg

 photo 230711_zpsmmrzl741.jpg

 photo 230706_zpscetwphcc.jpg

 photo 230689_zpsregip4hx.jpg

 photo 230695_zps22sk0fxl.jpg

 photo 230664_zpshxjujkdw.jpg

 photo 230669_zpsdbpbgq8d.jpg

 photo 230612_zpskumfw0n7.jpg

 photo 230616_zpsaoutecun.jpg

 photo 230627_zpsovy6xsns.jpg

 photo 230596_zps1zbwfu8y.jpg

 photo 230622_zps8ytywolm.jpg

 photo 230594_zpsi2nc9z8x.jpg

 photo 230653_zpsc6qjxchm.jpg

 photo 230665_zpsglujxggo.jpg

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