Wheels of 2015: MoMoHitsTheSpot! Top Picks!

Every year, the aftermarket industry see new and innovative products roll through, some more significant than others of course. But innovation and technological advancements is always progressing as the years go by. One of the products that I keep a close eye on every year is most definitely the almighty, wheel. These days with so many fakes, knockoffs, and inferior products coming out each year, it’s hard to keep up with what’s good and what’s not. One thing’s for sure though, innovators are getting ahead of the game with details that reflect craftsmanship and quality (i.e. Rays Engineering’s integrated etch machining on many of its wheels).

With that said, here are my top wheel choices for 2015!

Photos courtesy of Google and Carview/Minkara

1. Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Track Edition

It’s pretty crazy to think that the TE37 have been around for nearly 20 years, but yet it remains as relevant as ever. This latest varition, the TE37 Ultra Track Edition takes the strength and light-weight game even further.

 photo volkracingte37ultra_1.jpg

2. Enkei Revolution GTC01RR

Following the success of the RS05RR, Enkei came through with another product for their Revolution lineup with the GTC01RR.

 photo p1 1.jpg

3. Advan Racing RZII

Following the footsteps of Rays Engineering, Yokohama have also been refining many of its already established wheels with new and improved variations. Their newest product, the RZII.

 photo YOK.RZII-6.jpg

4. Work Emotion T7R

Another venerable Japanese wheel manufacturer is Work Wheels, and they’ve been churning out some sick models to add to their Emotion line of racing wheels. Personally, the T7R is among my favorite.

 photo 0.66539500-1417659046_2403.jpg

5. WedsSport SA72R

WedsSport is another wheel company that’s been making some fine products throughout the years. Their iconic Black Blue Machine finish is definitely one of my favorite of any wheel out there.

 photo wedshtml00002.jpg

6. Bridgestone Potenza RW006

This is one of the original designed wheels out for 2015. It took some getting use to with the asymmetric spokes, but over time it grew on me and now I’m actually liking it!

 photo ff4da3e554.jpg

7. Gram Lights 57 Valkryie

Here’s another offering from Rays Engineering through their Gram Lights line, the 57 Valkryie. I’m loving the semi-mesh design with a host of intricate details.

 photo w_gr57valcol.jpg

8. SSR Formula MK-III Neo

Here comes SSR Wheels holding it down for the old school guys with the revamped Formula MK-III Neo. This also gives the new car guys a chance for old school flavor with its 19 inch sizing.

 photo SSR-Formula-Mk-III-Neo-02-640x426.jpg

9. SSR Professor TF1

The TF1 is a brand new offering from SSR which goes with their line of Professor wheels.

 photo IMG_4141.jpg

10. Prodrive GC-0100

Rounding out the top ten is Prodrives newest offering, the GC-0100. I love the machining and updated look of this wheel compare to their older offerings.

 photo report_16.jpg

Thanks for checking this post out guys! Again, this is just my personal opinion but the list might change further down the year which could include American offerings…

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