Killin’ The Game: Garage Teranishi S15

In my years of blogging I’ve seen so many great cars and builds, and there’s always that few, that leaves me speechless. I just found one of them.

When talking about Silvias and 240s, most likely than not, we’re talking about cars with a few fender benders or even minor cosmetic damages; rarely do we see a pristine example where everything is aesthetically, perfect. In comes Garage Teranishi and this notion gets blown to smithereens.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s2_2.png

If this is not perfect, I don’t know what is…..

 photo s4_2.png

What I love most about this Silvia is the mixture of exterior pieces that work so well with each other. I mean this is not your ordinary Vertex or Origin kit. This thing is special. It’s Vertex + Origin + Kazama all rolled into one, and the result is spectacular.

 photo s3_2.png

 photo s5_2.png

Then comes the footwork and that didn’t disappoint either with those gorgeous Work Emotion CR Kai in a 17/18 configuration.

 photo s7_2.png

 photo s6_2.png

Every angle of this car is pure eye candy.

 photo s8_2.png

 photo s9_2.png

 photo s10_2.png

Talk about nice hips. THIS ^ is it.

 photo s11_2.png

You can’t tell, but this deceivingly subtle SR20 is actually stroked to 2.1L thanks to Tomei internals and a bottom mounted TRUST T517Z turbine.

 photo s12_2.png

 photo s13_1.png

 photo s14_1.png

Interior is kept very simple but functional.

 photo s15_1.png

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