For Love of Scaled Models #1: Mugen ITR

I’ve been doing this blog for nearly five years now, so I thought it’s about time to spice it up a bit. As most of you can tell, this blog is all about automobiles (Japanese mostly), and I thought it would be appropriate to add a new category of posts that would generate interest for all ages. I’m talkin’ scaled down, detail oriented, good old fashion, model cars. And to start things off on the right track is an immaculate Mugenized DC2R.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 16643076340_f03c01aaa0_b.jpg

This 1/24 Fujimi model is absolutely breathtaking and the photos really capture the details amazingly well.

 photo 16644336249_f0fbf2342a_b.jpg

 photo 16623141207_5bef0ea9b8_b.jpg

 photo 16829337372_14387965df_b.jpg

 photo 16830448845_eca35080a8_b.jpg

 photo 16642888388_6430ea535c_b.jpg

 photo 16644336509_b93d67b863_b.jpg

 photo 16830449125_b57d0e5932_b.jpg

 photo 16829380501_d6f0efd2e8_b.jpg

 photo 16210511983_9218c4406a_b.jpg

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