Red Hot Evo

While browsing the web, I stumbled upon this gorgeous Evo 8 today. This is pretty much a Varis and HKS affair. Lot of Varis on the outside and lots of HKS on the inside…

Photos via Kurumaerabi

 photo 8b3506bb_car_0.jpg

Varis front bumper, canards, and side diffusers.

 photo 8b3506bb_car_1.jpg

 photo 8b3506bb_car_3.jpg

Lovin’ the bronze RE30s!

 photo 8b3506bb_car_4.jpg

Varis rear diffuser, trunk, and Voltex combo makes for a sexy ass rear end.

 photo 8b3506bb_car_12.jpg

 photo 8b3506bb_car_10.jpg

Sparco themed interior.

 photo 8b3506bb_car_13.jpg

 photo 8b3506bb_car_18.jpg

Lots of HKS bits in the engine bay.

 photo 8b3506bb_car_19.jpg

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