The Greatest Station Wagon of All Time?

I know I always say certain cars are the greatest of all time and what not, but damn, I seriously think this Legacy from Japan is one of the greatest wagons I’ve ever seen. I mean, modding a station wagon is one thing, but putting things like Alcon BBKs and Advan GTs on it is just something wild!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 217581562_orgv1422052824.jpg

 photo 217581570_orgv1422082479.jpg

 photo 217581578_orgv1422859262.jpg

 photo 217593366_orgv1423616957.jpg

 photo 217581574_orgv1422849189.jpg

 photo 217581545_orgv1422108935.jpg

 photo 217581546_orgv1422043963.jpg

 photo 217581541_orgv1422042063.jpg

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