700HP Ridox Supra

Getting straight to the point with this gorgeous MKIV. Arguably one of the best kits for the Supra, the Varis Ridox kit sets the car off just right along with those aggressive Gram Lights 57Ds. And under the hood, as you can tell from the title, a 700HP, 3.1L 2JZ powered by a massive Trust T88-33D turbocharger.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s1.png

Decades later, the MKIV Supra can still be relevant.

 photo s2.png

 photo s3.png

 photo s4.png

 photo s5.png

 photo s6.png

SARD rear spoiler and Top Secret rear diffuser round out the back of this beast.

 photo s7.png

 photo s8.png

 photo s9.png

Gramlights and Brembos.

 photo s10.png

 photo s11.png

 photo s12.png

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