R35 GTRs @ Osaka Auto Messe

Every year, about a month after the Tokyo Auto Salon, there’s another gigantic trade show in the Osaka Auto Messe. Similar to TAS, this show also features some of the finest cars in Japan and a gathering place for hundreds of tuners and manufacturers. For this particular post though, it’s all about those R35 GTRs!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 218697887_largev1424189637.jpg

Of course, LB GTRs would be present…

 photo 218698032_largev1424183132.jpg

 photo 218697871_largev1424189617.jpg

And the very popular Kuhl Racing Factory R35.

 photo 218697966_largev1424183134.jpg

 photo 218698055_largev1424183131.jpg

 photo 218697949_largev1424183136.jpg

 photo 218697759_largev1424183143.jpg

Gorgeous black on black Top Secret GTR.

 photo 218697855_largev1424183140.jpg

 photo 218697986_largev1424183134.jpg

Endless Total Car Care.

 photo 218698015_largev1424183134.jpg

 photo 218697903_largev1424183137.jpg

 photo 218698044_largev1424183132.jpg

 photo 218697821_largev1424183141.jpg

 photo 218697839_largev1424183140.jpg

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