Mugen Rouge: A Tracked Out DC5

I’ve seen some great looking DC5s in my days, but this bloody Type R is definitely up there on my top ten list! Rocking authentic pieces throughout, how can you NOT fall in love with this Mugen inspired Integra! But my favorite aspect of this car isn’t the Mugen pieces, but rather those gigantic Brembo BBKs and concaved TE37 combo. Just pure, awesome footwork!

Photos by Cullen Cheung via FLICKR

 photo 15911668794_34ba5d2e2f_k.jpg

 photo 16347963469_2dcc75406f_k.jpg

 photo 16346551798_de69dca312_k.jpg

 photo 16532609191_408cbbb72f_k.jpg

 photo 16534345195_7efd9ac5da_k.jpg

 photo 16508318356_c86179ede1_k.jpg

 photo 16348408077_aa2c985079_k.jpg

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