MoMo Visits ASM Autobacs Yokohama [Part II]

Here we are, a continuation from my last post, this time around let's check out the inside of the famous ASM HQ. Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot! First step inside, another fitting slogan to live by. Then, a quick turn to your right and you're greeted by one of the most beautiful sights in the world. The... Continue Reading →

Mugen Rouge: A Tracked Out DC5

I've seen some great looking DC5s in my days, but this bloody Type R is definitely up there on my top ten list! Rocking authentic pieces throughout, how can you NOT fall in love with this Mugen inspired Integra! But my favorite aspect of this car isn't the Mugen pieces, but rather those gigantic Brembo... Continue Reading →

Wet Dream

NSX x Sorcery aero is probably one of the best automotive combos in existence. Of course, this is all based on my own opinion, but I'd say most of you would agree with me. Photos via MINKARA


147 GTA. I'm not sure about you guys, but honestly, if you threw those numbers and letters at me, it would take me a little while to figure out what it is... Then when I figure out that it's an Alfa Romeo compact sports car, I'd probably wouldn't take a second look at it... But... Continue Reading →

I Believe I Can Fly

This is definitely one of the sickest S2ks I've seen stateside. This thing has all sorts of track goodies hooked up, it literally looks like it can fly! From the J's Racing widebody, to the Rays 57Xtreme wheels mated to StopTech BBKs, to the roll cage and Recaros and the gigantic rear spoiler, this car... Continue Reading →


Ahhh.....well this a beautiful S2k...Rocking a CR front, Work Meister S1R, red Recaros, and other tasteful mods. Looks absolutely perfect to me! Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR

Unorthodox Racer

When you think of Acura TL, the images that pop into mind would probably be leather interior, sleek body lines, VIP status, and all sorts of luxury and creature comforts. Well, this particular TL is different from the norm...actually...more like polar opposites. This TL consists of a stripped interior, full Cusco roll-cage, Jackson Racing supercharger,... Continue Reading →

$9,000,000 Aston Martin

It's not a typo, this Aston Martin is $9m, and only 8 lucky people can own it. It's got a full carbon fiber body, scissor doors, carbon/alcantara interiors, sat-nav., and Recaro seats. Behind the cockpit lies a 5.4L twin-turbo v8 producing upwards of 800-950bhp through a six-speed manual gearbox. (optional F1 paddle-shifter will be available)... Continue Reading →

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