Sonic Boom SW20

This Sonic Boom TCP SW20 is one of the most well kept examples I’ve probably ever seen. I love that the car is enhanced with just a few simple, but very effective and classy mods.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo 1_zps31544773.png

The white TE37 sized 16/17 is just absolutely timeless on this MR2.

 photo 2_zps56c3a43f.png

 photo 3_zps86251c16.png

 photo 4_zpsfeb7a440.png

 photo 5_zps7d2fb520.png

The Recaro SPG bucket and Nardi wheel gives the interior a much needed updated look.

 photo 6_zpsc440a734.png

 photo 7_zps29f214d0.png

 photo 8_zpsd1f4814d.png

Engine bay, literally left untouched.

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