JDM CarP0rn: Esprit Tuned R34 GTR

One of the best things about a GTR, especially the R34, is its endless capabilities and its responsiveness to aftermarket parts and tuning. In short, you never really know its power levels by just looking at the car. Take this BB R34 for example, from the outside it’s relatively subtle but under the bonnet, it’s pushing over 700HP thanks to an Esprit tuned 2.7L twin GT-RS power plant!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo sky1_zps5062f242.png

 photo sky3_zps05483587.png

 photo sky6_zpscabbaefb.png

 photo sky2_zpsed2b0a18.png

 photo sky4_zps26acbfa1.png

 photo sky5_zpscab2d1a5.png

 photo sky7_zpsb9dc6f04.png

A few Mine’s carbon pieces adorn the rear…

 photo sky10_zpsac780e17.png

 photo sky8_zps545c8645.png

This is some high class footwork!

 photo sky9_zps3428d0e8.png

 photo sky11_zps8dbb308c.png

700+HP Esprit power plant!

 photo sky12_zps97506964.png

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