No BullS**t

This beautiful RX7 below is a prime example of why I post the cars that you see on this blog and my commitment to authentic parts, especially wheels. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but if you’ve paid attention, then you’ll notice that I never post any cars rocking XXRs, Varrstoens, Rotas, etc on my blog no matter how nice or ‘proper’ they look. Why? Because I believe in quality, craftsmenship, and original design. I understand that there are people who can’t financially obtain a set of authentic wheels and that is completely understandable. But then there are those who will continue to stand by them and praise them which is just blasphemous to me. I know I sound a bit bitter but that’s just the truth. I don’t believe a car should be featured if they’re rocking a set of replicated wheel because wheels should be the centerpiece of any car. If you cheap out on the most important feature of a car, then I don’t think you deserve any feature or praise. Of course, this is all just my personal belief and I mean no offense to anybody, and with that said, here’s a ‘non-stanced’, no bull shit RX7 to feast your eyes on.

Photos by Jun Iwasaki

3 thoughts on “No BullS**t

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  1. I appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to authenticity, especially with how the scene is today.

    If someone cannot afford a set of RG-Rs like the ones on this beautiful RX-7, then the correct choice is to save, rather than go cheap for instant gratification.

    Great job on the blog! I’m looking forward to more of your posts soon.

  2. like you said, its one thing to stand by and legitimatize replicas and thieves vs. simply owning knockoff wheels because you’re cheap. too bad “the scene” is mainly composed of the former

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