AutoCon 2011 [Part 1]

Snowy, rainy, gloomy, cold are just a few adjectives to describe a typical wintry day. However, this was definitely not the case yesterday at AutoCon 2011. It was a beautiful 70 degree afternoon in sunny SoCal, perfect weather for a perfect show. This was my first time attending AutoCon, so my expectations were not very high. With that said, I left a very happy man. This show, in my opinion, was on par with Wekfest SF in terms of organization, vibe, and amount of cars. Quality was slightly lower in this show compare to Wekfest but the short line and food trucks definitely made up for it. One thing that blew my mind was the hoards of Bimmers and VIP cars out there cause they came out HARD! I was just drowning in my own drool over how nicely done up some of them were. There were also a lot of the ‘typical’ show cars that you can find in almost every show through out the year, which are always nice. But enough of me talking about what was there, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…as always 😉


MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive coverage.


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