AutoCon 2011 [Part 4 – FINAL]

Here it is, the last part to my AutoCon coverage. I apologize for not taking any shots of the models, but I wanted to focus more on the cars for this show. Anyways, the sheer number of cars at this show was overwhelming, and I'm sure I missed taking shots on quite a few cars... Continue Reading →

AutoCon 2011 [Part 3]

I hope you guys enjoyed my AutoCon coverage so far but there's a lot more to come! So, I'm going to continue to let the pictures do the talking, because we all know that pictures speak louder than words. I do want to mention, on a side note, that I snapped photos throughout the show's... Continue Reading →

AutoCon 2011 [Part 1]

Snowy, rainy, gloomy, cold are just a few adjectives to describe a typical wintry day. However, this was definitely not the case yesterday at AutoCon 2011. It was a beautiful 70 degree afternoon in sunny SoCal, perfect weather for a perfect show. This was my first time attending AutoCon, so my expectations were not very... Continue Reading →

Super Lap Battle 2011 Coverage

It was another exciting year at Super Lap Battle where numerous records were broken. The most notable record was the overall track record which was set by Sierra Sierra Enterprises last year, but has now been eclipsed by FX Motorsports Developments NSX with a blistering 1:40.981 lap time. Other new record times include Unlimited FF... Continue Reading →

HKS CT230R [2011 Photo Set]

This is a car that needs no introduction, and has a parts list the size of a dictionary. It is none other than the iconic HKS CT230R Time Attack Evo. Now, some of you may ask why I'm posting pictures of this retired car. Well first off, this is a brand new set of photos... Continue Reading →

The Dopest Sil80

This candy orange Sil80 is in front and center of the May 2011 issue of Import Tuner. Sitting on 18x10 -3 and a whopping 18x13 +4 offsets Work Equips, how can you not like this thing! Photos by Warren Shimquee

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